About Global Art Gallery

A Full-Service Investment Advisory Gallery

  • Global Art Gallery has been in operation since 1997, as an online marketplace focused primarily on the Asia and US markets. As the art market has continued to grow, there has been an increasing need for GAG to expand and have a physical presence in the biggest growing market, and now the 2nd largest market for art in the world, the UK. 

    Following successful negotiations, GAG purchased a luxury goods brand with a huge clientele and compatible online presence. This brand was Chrononet. Fast forward to today, and Global Art Gallery has merged its 24-year knowledge base of the art industry with the physical presence and luxury market expertise of Chrononet, who themselves have been in operation since 2013, to create a formidable powerhouse of a company, equipped to grow and expand alongside the most lucrative economic market going into 2022. The art market is enormous and constantly expanding; the only possible way to stay in touch is with a company and infrastructure that is equipped to do so. The merging of Global Art Gallery and Chrononet was the perfect solution to this ongoing growth issue, and now the future of the company is looking brighter than ever.

    We have a powerful network of contacts and sources spanning many countries and many areas of the art business. Various members of the Global Art Gallery team have the necessary industry qualifications to add value to all client’s needs. The specialists within the company are in regular contact with other experts so that we keep in touch with up-to-date scholarship, and breakthrough talent. We often go to exhibitions with clients discussing the market, trends and artists. We always stress buying quality, and then the various aspects which contribute to value. We know specialists in many different fields of expertise in the art sector. 


    The creative team are constantly viewing collections, attending exhibitions and auctions allowing our specialists to be in regular contact with clients advising them on services such as;


    • Advice on market trends

    • Administration of purchases, sales & exchanges

    • Artist Representation 

    • Art market reports

    • Complimentary & confidential consultations 

    • Commissions (On completed transactions, payable on a sliding scale)

    • Global Sourcing 

    • Negotiation & bidding

    • Quality checks

    • Research & authentication 

    • Valuations